Engaging the Sierra Leone Diaspora in the UK

“Engaging Diaspora to Strengthen the Health, Flood Prevention and Agriculture Sectors in Sierra Leone” project:

We collaborated with our colleagues in IOM Sierra Leone from March 2018 to February 2019 to engage diasporas in the UK for the project. The objective of this project was to leverage the diaspora to contribute to the enhancement of the country’s technical capacity in the delivery of public services in the health, agriculture and disaster management sectors.

For the health component, the Sierra Leone diaspora in the United Kingdom were deployed to Kailahun District in the east of Sierra Leone, to support the delivery of quality health care to the population. For the agriculture component, we collaborated to host an Agribusiness Forum in Sierra Leone that brought together diaspora and stakeholders from across the world. The aim of the forum was to improve opportunities for greater diaspora investment and engagement in development in Sierra Leone. For the flood prevention component, we outreached to the diaspora about the role they can play as humanitarian actors in disaster emergencies in Sierra Leone. We also hosted an evening of information sharing about diaspora contribution to disaster management in Sierra Leone.

“Strengthening Sierra Leonean National Health Care Capacity through Diaspora Engagement” project: 

We collaborated with IOM Sierra Leone from March 2017 to February 2018 for the implementation of this project.     The objective of this project was to strengthen the Sierra Leonean health care system through the deployment of experienced diaspora health care professionals to support the delivery of quality health care to the local population. A total of sixteen diasporas from the United Kingdom and Europe contributed to treating more than two thousand individuals in Koinadugu District, in the north of the country, and building the capacity of local health workers through training activities.

Both projects were developed based on the findings and recommendations of the Mapping of Sierra Leonean Health Professionals that was coordinated by IOM in the United Kingdom in 2014. 




"Migration is one of the key realities of our time. It cuts across communities, influences priorities, and shapes societies.
To realise the benefits of migration for migrants and host communities alike, our responses must be innovative, collaborative and designed beyond the immediate."


Dipti Pardeshi, Chief of Mission of the IOM UK Office