Mapping of Rwandans in the UK project

IOM in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with our sister mission IOM Rwanda, is supporting the Government of Rwanda by coordinating the mapping of the Rwandans in the United Kingdom. This mapping exercise forms part of a wider mapping project of Rwandans in selected countries in Europe, namely   Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The findings of these exercises will contribute to a Migration Profile of Rwanda and guide the design of potential diaspora engagement programmes to enable the diaspora to participate and engage in the development process of the country.

We are also coordinating the production of a comparative report based on various themes, findings and recommendations of the separate four country mapping reports. The project is ongoing and both the individual country report and the comparative report should be available by mid-year 2019.


"Migration is one of the key realities of our time. It cuts across communities, influences priorities, and shapes societies.
To realise the benefits of migration for migrants and host communities alike, our responses must be innovative, collaborative and designed beyond the immediate."


Dipti Pardeshi, Chief of Mission of the IOM UK Office